Kids in China 7 Year Old Girl & 4 Year Old Boy

Jan 16 2012 Day 1

We went with mum and dad to Brisbane airport and met up with Song and Peichen. we said goodbye to mum and dad and boarded a huge plane to china, we flew for hours and eventually landed in Hong Kong. While we were waiting for our connecting flight to Beijing we went to some of the shops with Song and Peichen. Hong Kong airport is really big and busy, we didn’t get to go out of the airport but they did have a huge playground in the shape of an airplane in there, so we could run around. After a bit of a delay we caught our connecting flight to Beijing and sat in the plane for another three hours.

Printed Fruit, Chinese Spring Festival

When we arrived in Beijing we went through customs where they put another stamp in our passport. we met one of Peichen’s workmates on the other side and he had brought a van to drive us into the city. He also brought massive jackets and other warm clothes with him as Beijing was freezing cold. we met up with Song’s mum and went to a lamb soup place for dinner. the soup was really delicious and warmed us up against the freezing air outside. After dinner we were really tired from all of our traveling and we went back to Song’s mum’s unit to have a sleep.

China Lighting


Jan 17 Day 2

We woke up really excited to start our adventures, Song woke up and helped us make some breakfast. We had cereal, strawberries and eggs for breaky the milk came in a popper and tasted a bit weird compared to ours. We watched some TV they had cartoons on that were similar to ours however all of them were talking in chinese, it was weird to watch ya ya talking Chinese.

Once everyone woke up, Peichen went to work while we went out with Song to have a look around. everything in Beijing is really big, we saw a huge shopping centre that went up five stories and you could have fitted a stack of our shopping centers into it. Song warned us not to touch any metal surfaces as they were really cold and our fingers would get stuck to them.

We eventually stopped at a noodle place for some lunch, it was really busy and we had to wait 30 minuets just to get a table.

After lunch we found a playground and we were able to play with some other kids around our age. It was fun to try and interact with Chinese kids there was a whole lot of sign language and Song helped us to translate.

We went out for Roast Duck in the evening and it was delicious, Beijing is world famous for its roast duck. The restaurant had fish tanks all around the outside full of huge delicious looking fish swimming around. Song’s mum and dad came with us as well, we ate loads of delicious food including meat balls, roast duck and stacks of veggies. it was a great evening and we got a photo out the front of the roast duck restaurant.

Spring Festival, China

Peking Duck, Chinese Duck, Roast Duck, China Spring Festival

Jan 18 Day 3

Day three started out with a big bowl of cereal, eggs on toast and lemon water with honey. I was not really keen on the lemon water with honey. We went with Song to the shops to have a look around and then went over to Song’s apartment to try on all of our warm cloths to make sure they all fitted.

After that we went to KFC to have some lunch, the KFC was delicious but we ate to much and ended up with a bit of a tummy ache.

We walked back to Song’s mum’s place to wait for Peichen to come home and take us to the park where we played hide and seek. while we were there some people let off fireworks and I thought it was a storm coming.

We ate dinner at Song’s mum’s house, and Song’s mum was really surprised when Byron ate three whole bowls of rice. After dinner we went with Song’s mum to take the dog for a walk.

Jan 19 Day 4

We went to Song’s mum’s house to help her clean the house so that it would be nice and clean for spring festival. The Chinese like to have everything nice and fresh for the beginning of their new year, which is only a couple of days away.

Table Tennis in China

There was another little boy there who was a friend of song’s mum we all played ping pong.

We went to a restaurant with Song and Peichen’s family for dinner, we all had a great evening.

Dinner in China


Jan 20 Day 5

Nanny arrived early in the morning and was here when we woke up, we all went shopping to collect more supplies for spring festival. there were stacks of people out also collecting supplies for Spring festival. While we were out we had a play in the park and had some noodles for lunch. we met up with Peichen’s parents at the noodle place, they were really cool and tried to talk to us in Chinese. In the afternoon we set off some fireworks at Song and Peichen’s place.

Jan 21 Day 6

Today was really exciting as after breakfast Peichen’s brother in law and nephew took us to the Beijing Zoo. we had stacks of fun and got to see manny different animals including Giant Panda, Giraffes, tigers, alpaca, wallaby and Monkeys. We didn’t get to see all the animals as it was too cold. after the Zoo we all went to McDonalds for a hot chocolate to warm up.

Jan 22 Day 7

Today we were really busy helping Peichen’s parents clean up Song and Peichen’s unit in preparation for the big event because tonight is spring festival. We also spent the day helping to decorate the unit while Nanny went out to the shops to collect some more supplies and her boots for the cold weather.

Peichen’s dad taught us how to make dumplings, Dumplings are an important part of Spring festival celebration and are made to resemble the money that the Chinese used hundreds of years ago. Eating Dumplings at Spring festival is considered good luck and will ensure a prosperous new year. After we had finished making the dumplings we all sat down to a massive feast.


There were sporadic fireworks as the evening kicked off and it really became massive when it reached midnight with so manny fireworks that the whole sky lit up with shooting stars and bright lights. the nose was so loud you would have to be there to understand just how loud it was.

We sat down after dinner to watch the new years eve television program, this is the most important television program of the year and millions of viewers tune in to watch the festivities. While we were watching the celebrations everyone started giving each other red envelopes with money inside, this is another chinese tradition and is much like the present giving that we have at christmas over here.

Some of the adults played mahjong on a special mahjong  table, this is a traditional chinese game

Jan 23 Day 8

The first day of the dragon year, everyone got up late as we were all tired from the festivities the night before. We had some lunch and then made our way to the traditional Temple Markets which is called Miao Hui and held at Di Tain. We had loads of fun and saw stacks of different things. there were games and various stalls selling all sorts of things. I purchased a black wig that everyone tried on and got their photos taken with. Byron brought an angry bird teddy and we both got some fairy floss which is called mian hua tang in chinese. Byron and I also had our photo taken with some random people that we met at the temple who later signed up to our weibo account so they could keep up with our adventures. Byron also said to say there were real live Buddhist monks at the temple.

Jan 24 Day 9

We went and met up with everyone at Song’s mum’s house, we had a massive lunch and were given more read envelopes from Song’s Mum and Grandmother. after lunch we made our way to the ice and snow world. We all had loads of fun going down the massive ice slides and checking out all the cool ice sculptures.

Jan 25 Day 10

We went shopping with Nanny and got some more toys, we met up with Song’s other aunty and as today was her birthday we had a birthday cake and sung her happy birthday.

We had dinner back at Song and Peichen’s apartment and then went outside to set off some fire works.

Jan 26 Day 11

Today was really exciting we started the day with a Skype session to mum and dad and then we went to the olympic stadium to have a look at the birds nest. There was a place there where we could go for an ice skate Byron and I got to use a modified skate chair and Byron made Peichen push him around the ice for ages.

We got some kites while we were at the olympic centre and we got to have McDonalds for dinner.

Jan 27 Day 12

we went to the botanical gardens with Song, Peichen, Nanny and Peichen’s parents. The botanical gardens had a heated inside section with loads of beautiful flowers, orchids and plants. We took a stack of photos and had a great time, there were touch screen computers that told us what all the different plants were.

In the afternoon we went to a shopping centre that had a rock climbing wall in it. I went all the way to the top. Afterwards we went to an awesome restaurant that had indoor gardens and the waiters all wore roller skates. We had a massive feast and Byron and I even ate grasshoppers they tasted delicious and were crunchy like chips.

Jan 28 Day 13

We started out for the great wall but the car broke down on the way so we ended up staying at Song and Peichen’s unit for the day.

Jan 29 Day 14

We went to the great wall with Peichen, in the beginning we didn’t want to go because we thought it would be pretty boring looking at a wall. When we arrived we realised that the wall really was a great wall and we had loads of fun climbing up and down the wall. Byron and I were exhausted by the end of the day.

Jan 30 Day 15


Byron, Nanny and I went to the forbidden city and tianamen square with Song’s cousin Liu Yao and his brother Shun. The forbidden city was massive and we looked at a lot of the little buildings and museums contained within the city.

After the city we went into the main section of Beijing a place called Wan Fu Jing so that Nanny could have a look at some books. Nanny picked up some cards to help Byron and I practice writing our chinese characters.

While we were there we got to try some of the different foods including something the chinese call stinky tofu, it smells terrible but tastes delicious and is really good for you.

Jan 31 Day 16

Byron and I went with Nanny and Song’s mum to a market so we could pick up a heap of red tassels (a kind of lucky charm that chinese people hang in their houses and cars that bring good luck) to give to our class mates when we got home.

The market we went to was in a massive multi story building and each floor had a different type of merchandise. We also brought a huge green suitcase while we were there so we could take all of our new clothes and bits and pieces back home with us.

Feb 1 Day 17

We went with Nanny to another book shop so Nanny could have a look and get some more books as tomorrow we were going to catch the train down to Qingdao and the train ride takes around six hours.

Feb 2 Day 18

We stayed on the train to Qingdao for ages, we read books and practiced our chinese characters. Out the window there was snow and heaps of little towns and farms broken up vast tracts of bushland. Manny of the farms had special covers over their plants and crops to protect them from the frost and snow. We also passed some old abandoned villages on the way.There was a cafe on the train and when we tried to talk the the lady at the cafe she gave us a coffee, we tried to drink it because it looked like a hot chocolate but we didn’t like it so we couldn’t finish it.

We were met by Peichen’s brother in law at the station in Qingdao, we went straight to Peichen’s parents place for dinner. We met up with a dude at Peichen’s parents place who was playing computer games, Byron loves computer games so he was in his element.

We had a big feast for dinner consisting of Rice, fish, Chicken, veggies and to fu.

Feb 3 Day 19

Peichen’s nephew was going to a winter school, each day goes from 8am to 8pm so we decided to go along and have a look. there were about 20 kids in the class and we had a stack of fun even though Byron was a little shy. We didn’t stay for the whole day and went out at about lunch time to have a look around the mighty Qingdao.

Dad was saying that Qingdao is where the best beer in China comes from as there used to be a German brewery in Qingdao that dates back to before the war. He was also saying that in the summer time there is a market in Qingdao where you can buy fish from the open air market and take it down to the local brewery where they will cook it up for you while you try the various beers.

We had a bit of a look around some of the shops in Qingdao and then we went back to the school for a little while. Once class was over we went back to Peichen’s parent’s place for dinner and a well earned rest.

Feb 4 Day 20

Qingdao is on the coast so after breakfast we went to the beach and had a look at all of the rock pools, the water was freezing cold. Then we went to underwater world where we saw lots of fish and sea life. At underwater world they had a show where one of the trainers was riding on a Baluga whale.

After underwater world we all went for a road trip down the coast and up a mountain, we didn’t get all the way to the top because the road was too icy. We got out at a lookout and played in the snow, we could see little villages that were surrounded by tea plantations.

Feb 5 Day 21

We caught the train back to Beijing, we met a girl on the train who was also traveling to Beijing, she was able to speak a little english and gave Byron and I food and asked Byron if he would marry her, and Byron said he would.

It was really cold when we arrived back in Beijing, Peichen and Song met us at the train station.

Feb 6 Day 22

We had a bit of a cold so we stayed at songs mum’s place for most of the day. In the afternoon we went to the shops and then all met up at a big restaurant  to celebrate Yuan Xiao festival. After dinner we went into the car park and set off a heap of fireworks, Dad said if you did that in Australia the police would shoot you on the spot (you would be arrested). We said good by to everyone as we were flying back to Australia the next day.

Feb 7 Day 23

After breaky we went to the shops with Nanny to do some last minuet shopping. We had lunch at Song’s place and then went to the airport to begin our massive journey home.

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